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Anti-Corona Ring for ADSS

The ADSS cable is always at a higher potential space at the voltage level of 110kV and above transmission lines. The preformed fittings without the anti-corona ring may cause coronal releases that can be dangerous to the cable and its surroundings. The anti-corona rings are constructed from high quality aluminum alloy material that can double the corona inception voltage.

Installed at the ends of tension or suspension clamps, the anti-corona ring increases the inception voltage at the end of preformed wire and prevents corona discharges. These discharges can lead to electrical corrosion, which decreases the useful life of the wire.

Parameter Table
Model For cable diameter (mm) Clamping segment length l (mm) Total length L(mm) Weight (kg)
FYH-10 9.0-11.0 200 320 0.19
FYH-12 11.1-13.0 200 320 0.19
FYH-14 13.1-15.0 200 320 0.19
FYH-16 15.1-17.0 200 320 0.19
FYH-18 17.1-19.0 200 320 0.19
FYH-20 19.1-21.0 200 320 0.19
FYH-22 21.1-23.0 200 320 0.19
Note: Meaning of letters and numbers: FYH - Anti-corona ring; "- "suitable cable diameter.

a. Suitable for ADSS cable on 110kV and above voltage transmission lines.
b. Configuration: 2 sets/pole or tower.

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