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Suspension Assembly for ADSS

Cable Fitting / Suspension Fitting / Aerial Fiber Suspension

a. The suspension assembly for ADSS cables features large contact areas between the suspension clamp and ADSS cable for outstanding stress distribution, protecting the cables for long useful lifetimes.
b. Good dynamic stress. It can provide enough grip strength (14%RTS) to ensure the safety of the ADSS cable under long unbalanced loads.
c. Flexible rubber block for enhanced self-damping and abrasion reduction.
e. Rounded ending improves the corona voltage.
f. Excellent aluminum alloy material for a longer service life thanks to its mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Supporting ADSS cables.

Our company provides product installation instructions. For detailed information, please see the Installation Instructions.

Parameter Table
Model Span (m) Length of inner rod (mm) Length of outer rod (mm) Clamp strength (kN)
AXC-100-** 100 1100 900 30
AXC-200-** 200 1200 1000 30
AXC-300-** 300 1300 1100 30
AXC-400-** 400 1500 1200 50
AXC-500-** 500 1700 1300 50
AXC-600-** 600 1900 1500 70
AXC-700-** 700 2000 1600 70
AXC-800-** 800 2100 1700 70
AXC-1000-** 1000 2300 1900 70

Note: ** represents the cable diameter.

a. Select the suspension clamp according to ADSS cable span, diameter, RTS and other relevant parameters.
b. Configuration: 1 set/ straight line tower.
c. If the clamp needs to be installed with an anti-corona ring or damper, the length of the inner rods should be lengthened, depending on design requirements.
d. Clamp strength: 30kN, 50kN, 70kN.

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