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Tension Assembly for ADSS

Cable Suspension / Cable Fittings / Tensioner Assembly

a. The tension assembly for ADSS cable features a preformed helical outer rod which is directly connected to the pole or tower by a thimble or other link fittings. This component bears the load of the transmission line.
b. the helical preformed inner rod mainly protects the ADSS cable. It acts as the force transfer unit:
(1) It transfers longitudinal pressing force to the tension unit, in order to avoid excessive force applied to the cable.
(2) Transmitting axial tension force
(3) Large contact areas between the tension clamp and ADSS cable, uniform stress distribution, no concentration stress.
c. The clamp has greater gripping strength, it is also able to hold greater tension without exceeding the ADSS cable side crushing strength.
d. The grip strength is no less than 95%RTS of the ADSS cable.
e. Excellent aluminum clad steel material to improve the mechanical and anti-corrosion function of the clamp.

The tension assembly supports the full load of the ADSS cable system when connected to the strain pole or tower.

Our company offers product installation instructions. For detailed information, please see the Installation Instructions.

Parameter Table
Model Grip strength (kN) Length of inner rod (mm) Length of outer rod (mm) Clamp strength (kN)
ANZ-20-** 20 1400 900 50
ANZ-25-** 25 1500 1000 50
ANZ-30-** 30 1800 1300 50
ANZ-40-** 40 2000 1500 50
ANZ-50-** 50 2200 1700 50
ANZ-60-** 60 2300 1700 70
ANZ-70-** 70 2600 2000 70
ANZ-80-** 80 2800 2200 70
ANZ-100-** 100 2950 2350 100

Note: ** represents the cable diameter.

a. Select the tension clamp according to the ADSS cable span, diameter and rated tensile strength.
b. Configuration: 1 set/ terminal tower, 2 sets/tension tower.
c. Clamp strength: 50kN, 70kN, 100kN etc.

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