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Fiber Optic Splice Closure for ADSS

Fiber Enclosure / Fiber Clamp / Splice Clamp

a. The fiber optic splice closure has a wide range of applications: Farming, stranded, beam tube armored and non-armored cable splicing.
b. Good sealing performance: Sealed with a quality silicone rubber ring. You can also use self-adhesive tape or heat shrink tubing at the cable hole.
c. Weathering resistance: Imported high-quality plastic with an added anti-aging agent, injection molding, and high temperature resistance for a long useful lifetime.
d. High mechanical strength: good vibration, tensile, compressive strength, impact resistance, bending, torsional rigidity, sturdy and durable.
e. With the fiber coiled tray and loose-leaf rotary type clamp, the splice closure is easy to maintain with no additional attenuation fiber coil, and the radius of curvature ≥30mm.

These splice clamps are used to seal the cable, protecting the optical fiber splice and store reserved optical fiber for protection from external environmental factors.

Parameter Table
Model Qty. of cable cores Qty. of cable inlets Connectors
AJTH-T 48 4 S type bottom base
AJTH-G 48 4 Stainless steel strap

a. Number of ADSS cable cores
b. Number of inlets and outlets
c. For pole and tower use , if for pole use, please note the diameter.

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