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Preformed Line Products for ADSS
    1. Spiral Vibration Damper for ADSS The cable damper is a type of shock absorber that is extremely helpful for small diameter transmission lines and high frequency fiber optical cables, which can be easily damaged.
    1. Anti-Corona Ring for ADSS The ADSS cable is always at a higher potential space at the voltage level of 110kV and above transmission lines. The preformed fittings without the anti-corona ring may cause coronal releases that can be dangerous to the cable and its surroundings.
    1. Suspension Assembly for ADSS The suspension assembly for ADSS cables features large contact areas between the suspension clamp and ADSS cable for outstanding stress distribution, protecting the cables for long useful lifetimes.
    1. Tension Assembly for ADSS The tension assembly for ADSS cable features a preformed helical outer rod which is directly connected to the pole or tower by a thimble or other link fittings. This component bears the load of the transmission line.
    1. Cross for Storing ADSS Cable These crosses for storing ADSS cables are suitable for installations on transmission towers and poles without the need for drilling.
    1. Downlead Clamp for ADSS Downlead clamps feature flexible installation as they can be fitted to all sorts of steel towers and round poles for fiber optic cable installations.