Downlead Clamp for OPGW

Meter Clamp / Fiber Optic Clamp / Clamp Meter

Huaneng has been producing high quality fiber optic cable fittings since 2002. Using that rich experience, we produce these outstanding downlead clamps for OPGW cables.

  • OPGW Downlead Clamp On Pole
  • OPGW Downlead Clamp On Tower

a. These clamps allow for flexible installation without the need for drilling into transmission poles or towers.
b. Stainless steel material, excellent corrosion resistance.

The fiber optic clamps fix cable onto the pole or tower. Generally installed one for every 1.5 meters.

Parameter Table
Model StructureType For cable diameter (mm) Weight (kg) Remarks
OYGD-G C type 9.0-19.0 0.55 pole use
OYDZ-T Steel strap type 9.0-19.0 0.80 tower use

If for pole use, please note the pole diameter.

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