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Preformed Line Products for OPGW
    1. Suspension Assembly for OPGW The suspension assembly for OPGW features large contact areas between the suspension clamp and OPGW cable for uniform stress distribution and excellent cable protection.
    1. Tension Assembly for OPGW Excellent aluminum clad steel material to improve the mechanical and corrosion-resistance of the clamp.
    1. Vibration Damper for OPGW Asymmetric type design: The basic principle of the vibration damper is to absorb dynamic energy with a frequency protection range from 5Hz-100Hz, and there are four resonant frequencies in this range.
    1. Downlead Clamp for OPGW These clamps allow forflexible installation without the need for drilling into transmission poles or towers.
    1. Fiber Optic Splice Closure for OPGW The fiber optic splice closure's fiber connector and excess parts are made from laminated fiber deposit. The joint is protected using a hot melt shrink sleeve reinforcement seal.