Armor Rod

Preformed Rods / Reinforcement Rods / Protective Rods

Armor rods are preformed rods used for wrapping around the outer layer of wires and mounting on the boat shaped wire clamp, in order to improve the conductor rigidity, decrease conductor vibration and protect damaged conductors by preventing the damaged area from expanding. Also, the protective rods can be wrapped in aluminum conductor and installed on the post insulator to increase the conductor rigidity and play a role in reducing vibration.

a. The armor rod's material should be the same as the conductor.
b. The armor rods are installed easily without any special tools.
c. The armor rod has good anti-vibration performance and high flexibility. It can protect the cable and extend the system life.

When repairing the conductor, the damaged area should be no more than 7~25% of total area. (ASCR should not damage the steel core.) When calculating the damaged area, take the total aluminum wire area for the base.

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