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Our Customers

For years, Huaneng has been producing high quality electric and fiber optic cable fittings. We have developed a well-known brand in the Chinese electric power fitting industry, which over the last several years, has seen incredible growth with projects in China and overseas. Here are some of the examples of projects we have supplied:

1. In February 2012 we supplied fittings for the Southern Kyrgyzstan Power Grid Improvement Project for Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Co., Ltd.
2. In August 2013 we undertook the 500kV Power Line OPGW Cable Fitting Project as well as the 220kV Transmission Project (spare parts) for Tebian Electric Apparatus Stock Co., Ltd.
3. In October 2014 we won the bid to supply both fiber optic cables and electrical components for the construction of Nam Ou 5 and 6 hydrop ower projects.
4. In January 2015 we supplied the 230kV Power Grid Project in northernLaos.
5. In September 2015 we supplied the 500kV Pleiku 2 Substation Project inVietnam.
6. In December 2015 we assisted with a 132KV Power Transmission Line Project inSri Lanka.
7. In May 2016 we undertook the 30KV power cable and cable fitting project for the Souapiti Hydrop ower Plant inGuinea.
8. In June 2016 we aided in the 110KV Miniscada Project inVietnam.

9. On January 13th 2016 we won the bid for materials supply of the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company. This project was called: Fiber Optic Splice Closures for Zhisheng (Linyi III) 500KV Substation 220KV Power Transmission Project.

10. On July 24th, 2015 our company won the bid for Qujing Power Supply Bureau of Yunnan Power Grid Company. This project was called: OPGW cable fittings for 220K Power Transmission and Distribution inFurongTown,YueqingCity.

11. On March 20th, 2015 we hit the bid for Yunnan Power Grid Company, also known as a subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Company. The project was called: 110KV Power Grid Improvement Project in Southern Shangri-La County.

12. On September 29th, 2014 our company won the bid for Qujing Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid Corporation Yunnan Power Grid Company. The project was called: ADSS cable fittings for 35KV substation fiber optic communications coverage of Qujing Power Supply Bureau.

The Huaneng line of fiber optic cable fittings can withstand all kinds of severe climatic conditions. They work without fault even in extreme temperatures. Below are some examples of reports written by our previous customers.

This is issued by Zunyi Power Supply Bureau of Guizhou Power Grid Corporation. It states that since 2012 they have used our ADSS, OPGW and OPPC fittings. At Huaneng we focus on product quality, speedy delivery and great service. The customer was extremely satisfied with their products and looks to continue doing business with us.

This report is issued by Bijie Power Supply Bureau. They commended us for our fittings in a 220KV transmission line project, and look forward to working with us in the future.

This is issued by Zhejiang Transmission and Transformation Engineering Company. It states that the products supplied by us in 2014 for their 500KV OPGW transmission line project were delivered on time, the quality was to their liking and our service was commendable.

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