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Quality Control System

According to IEC61284-1997 standards and company quality standard (HD-ZS-2002), we have established an outstanding quality guarantee system. We do this to ensure a high level of quality for our customers and also to maintain a competitive advantage by staying ahead of market demands.

1. The quality policy and target
Quality policy: Regarding the customer as our focus, providing excellent solutions for electric power projects.
Quality target: The eligibility rate in products amounts to 100%; The customer satisfaction attains 95%.

2. The quality guarantee
To ensure the quality of the products, we have established a documented quality system, quality manuals, etc. The quality inspection department monitors product quality in all activities in order to meet customer expectations.

3. The Organization system
The establishment of a three level (companywide, workshop, after sales) quality management network. Each stage of production is carefully monitored starting with incoming raw materials and ending with shipping.

4. System documentation
The establishment and implementation of the quality system is based on the quality manual. The entire production process is tightly controlled by easy to understand procedural guidelines.

5. The improvements of product objectives are based on quality information and feedback.

6. Purchase
The supply department operates in accordance with the procurement quality program. These team members are trained to review contracts, properly vet material suppliers and for reviewing the materials themselves. The strict implementation of technical standards are required on raw materials, external parts, purchased parts (such as aluminum alloy wire, aluminum wire and so on), delivery record and supplier performance evaluation are also assessed.

7. The process of quality control
All raw materials, external parts, purchased parts are checked with the corresponding technical standards before entering production. For accuracy and precision, the tooling equipment and measuring instruments are checked weekly. The product design, design documents, technical documents, test documents can be corrected, completed, and unified during the product manufacturing process.

8. Inspection and test
1) Inspection consists of first piece inspection, patrol inspection, factory inspection. The test results are recorded in details by inspectors.
2) Outgoing inspection are checked individually or in batch sampling. The relevant standards and contract inspections are carried out if customers have special requirements.

9. Unqualified product control
1) The unqualified products have obvious marking, and are isolated in the designated area.
2) The unqualified preformed line fittings can be repaired and reworked. Otherwise, they will be discarded.
3) If a quality problem related to the procedure occurs, corrective measures will be taken to avoid future issues.

10. The company will carry out training operations each year to make sure operators and inspectors are fully capable of completing their tasks at a high level.

11. After-sale service
1) The standardized sales team is responsible for product sales and after-sale services.
2) The customers are visited regularly by sales team for the quality and service feedback.
3) The feedback is reported to the relevant department and filed in special customer service archives.

Tensile Testing Lab
This lab is equipped with 300kN horizontal tensile testing machines and 300kN vertical universal testing machines, which enables us to carry out mechanical strength testing, clamping force testing and other tests on products and raw materials.

Physical Chemistry Lab
The Labspark 5000 type direct-reading spectrometer is used to perform a chemical analysis on incoming materials. This ensures the reliable performance of the finished product.

Vibration Test Lab
Pictured here is our well-established vibration test lab. In this lab, we can not only measure the power of vibration dampers and the fatigue strength of quality clamps, but we also optimize our anti-vibration design for large-scale projects and then provide a complete vibration damping solution for overhead power lines.

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